Combat-R Zero Figures Available Now – Limited to 500 Each

These Combat-R Zero figures are just simply cool. There’s nothing more that really needs said other than they look COOL. Atomic Mushroom Toys has brought us a set of five different color schemes, four of which you can purchase from select retailers for about $55 to $60 US and the fifth which you can only get directly from Atomic Mushroom Toys’ website as part of their Super Set (all five) for $265. If I was independently wealthy, I would have purchased the set before even posting this. I know that may seem steep, but keep in mind that these are almost 10 inches tall and limited to 500 figures per color! Oh yeah, did I mention that “Plutonium” (the exclusive to the set figure) glows in the DARK! How cool is that?!?!?

If you can afford toys this cool, by all means get them! Two online dealers I’ve found that sell them are…
Panic’s Toy Box -and- Fugitive Toys. UPDATE: Both have sold out.

And for your viewing pleasure…

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