2nd Annual Kill Brainy Week Starts September 27th

As I’ve mentioned before, my teenage daughter is a huge Legion of Super Heroes fan. She fell in love with the comics (which she now has hundreds of), as well as the cartoon series (which ended abruptly because apparently they didn’t have enough batman series yet – whatever) and the rest is history. She also happens to be OBSESSED with the character Brainiac 5. Yeah, I’d say it’s bordering some sort of crazy “crush” of sorts. Not that I can say much, at her age I was equally obsessed with a cartoon character. And her’s is not nearly as dorky as mine was…

So yeah, back to the subject at hand. I found out today that some friends of hers at school created a “Kill Brainy Week” last year at school during which, each day they would print out a picture of Brainiac 5 and proceed to destroy it (rip, tear, cut, etc…) in front of my daughter in order to torture her. They get a bit tired of her comparing everything and everyone to Brainiac 5, specifically how whatever or whoever isn’t as awesome as Brainy.

This came up because she realized today that they are gearing up to celebrate the second annual “Kill Brainy Week”, this coming week. She’s thinks it’s funny (as we all do), but I think she’s actually a little sad that she’ll be seeing him “killed” each day this week in various ways. I’m curious if they plan to get a little more creative this year with the ways they’ll do him in.

Oh yeah, and my early teen crush on a cartoon character? Ariel. Yes, the Little Mermaid… *hangs head low* Though I did have a thing for Tank Girl too… Does that redeem me at all or just make me that much more of a dork?

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  1. Actually, they were pretty creative last year. There was an Olivier Coipel pic of him from the reboot she printed and they decided to tear him into millions of little pieces and have my other friend eat him. It was scary… :O

  2. Chloe (niece/cousin)


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