Moe’s New Agenda Cover

The kids have gone back to school now and Moe has officially started drawing all over everything school related again. The first victim has been her new agenda and here’s her official explanation of what we see below… Invader Zim (twice), Gir (twice), Minimoose, Perry the Platypus (twice), Superman (sign), Phantom Girl, X-Men (sign), The Legion of Super Heroes (sign), Maddness, Nightcrawler, Dream Girl (sign), Gates, Matter Eater Lad (sign), Jumpy Ghostface, Doofenshmirtz, Patrick Star, Wildfire, Lightning Lad (sign), Turtle Cannons, Brainiac 5 and (sign), Lightning Girl (me), Orange Lantern (sign), Aqua Lo (Lauren), Pablo (Lo’s pet turtle), Reeses Wonder (Anna), Kent (Kent), Shiny (our friend), Flowber (Anna’s pet sparrow), Slo Moe (My pet snail), Hal Jordan, Commander Apetrully, The Incredibles (sign), Plankton, Gaz, Death Bee, Coco, Bloo, Cheese (retarded cheese), Triplicate Girl, Saint Walker, Quislet, Saturn Girl (ear), Wolverine (hand)

These characters are mostly from the Legion of Super Heroes, Invader Zim, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Hero:108, Spongebob Squarepants, and some other comics and cartoons.

Gotta love it! Here’s the cover:

Moe's 2010 Agenda Cover

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  1. Just gotta say: this is really awesome! Please pass along my compliments to the artist. -Bill

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