TMBG Perform Number Seven on Conan

They Might Be Giants is one of those bands that many people will never like because they don’t fit any molds. Others scoff at them as a novelty act that isn’t “serious”. Personally, they changed the way I think of music because they taught me that it was OK to have fun while making it. The “Johns” have been making wonderful music professionally together for almost 25 years now and I’ve enjoyed every last bit of it.

As they’ve grown older, they’ve gotten married, had kids, and despite all the critics have become commercially successful in ways they didn’t even intend to. One of those ways is in the numerous “kids” albums they’ve created. My kids have enjoyed “No!”, “Bed, Bed, Bed”, “Here Come the ABC’s” and now have been digging “Here Come the 123’s”. These albums have been full of great little ditties and are stuffed with extras. “Here Come the 123’s” actually has an additional DVD with flash movies to go along with each song! The others had the flash movies, but were integrated in to the CD’s.

So to cut to the chace on what’s already a long post, here’s their performance from a few nights ago on Late Night with Conan. While you watch, think about this. Would you rather your kids watch and listen to grown people actually having fun or do you prefer Barney and whatever other mind-numbing things are being pumped out at them???

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