The Mouse to own the House of M

In yet another show of “ooh, we want that too!” the Walt Disney Company announced that it will be acquiring Marvel Entertainment. Yes, the Mouse will now own everything from the X-Men and Spiderman, to the Hulk and Iron Man. Disney is reported to be offering a cash/stock deal in the area of 4 Billion dollars.

I personally don’t care much about what that means for the movie franchises, but I AM wondering if this will have any repercussions on the comic book industry. I don’t read many of the Marvel books (none regularly) but decisions made by Marvel management (usually bad decisions) tend to have large impacts on the rest of the comic book world. Disney isn’t the kind of company that instills confidence in these kind of cases. At least they didn’t go after DC who seem to try to maintain some level of integrity to their titles.

You can read more on the deal here at…

I can just see the show at Disney World now climaxing in a big singing number featuring the Hulk and Wolverine… *shudder*

Update: has posted more information regarding the acquisition

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