tSE-TotD: Doubleheader from the Galaxy Bunch

Welcome to the first of many tSE-TotD entries. Yeah, that’s a bit cryptic, so I’ll fill you in. theSpeakEasy’s Toy of the Day. Got it now? Good!

I’ve had this little group of nine crazy figures from the Galaxy Bunch for a few months now and have love everything about them. They were designed by Michael Kwong and manufactured by Locomotive Productions Ltd. Today’s tSE-TotD is the aptly named Doubleheader from this first nine dubbed the Virus Series.

From what I’ve been able to dig up, there are currently about 60 characters created for the Galaxy Bunch, so hopefully this first series is selling well enough to see more! It also looks like it took a LONG time to get this first round to become a reality, so we could be waiting a while. I for one, will be waiting impatiently…

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