Transformers Optimus Prime Meets Mickey Mouse Mash-Up

I just caught a new post over on WeirdoToys featuring a collaboration toy between Disney and Takara. I usually just pop over there once in a while to be amused by the ridiculous toys he finds, but this one grabbed me. It’s an Optimus Prime meets Mickey Mouse mash-up that would look great on any geek’s shelf.

Optimus Prime meets Mickey Mouse Transformers by Disney and Takara

Very cool, in my opinion, but a little outside my price range right now. (poo!) It was apparently released a few months ago, but I hadn’t seen or heard of it. Looking at eBay, I see that they are definitely available for purchase still. I have no idea how limited they are and from the comments left on the WeirdoToys post, there may be a Donald Duck / Bumblebee coming next.

Optimus Prime meets Mickey Mouse Transformer Truck Mode by Disney and Takara

There’s a full color version as well, but I’m personally loving the black & white version. Here’s hoping they are still available once I start working again! You can see a lot more great images over at WeirdoToys as well…

Check out both versions on eBay now…

2 comments to “Transformers Optimus Prime Meets Mickey Mouse Mash-Up”
  1. Hey! Thanks for the sharing the Weirdo Toy love. It’s great to find folks who enjoy these toys as much as I do.

    This Mickey really IS cool isn’t it?

  2. I WILL hunt one down once I can spend money without feeling guilty again. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work, I love seeing the crazy stuff you dig up…

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