Where Can I find Black Jack Gum?

“Where Can I buy Black Jack Gum?” – That is a question I’ve asked many times. I love the stuff myself and I haven’t found it in a physical store in over 6 years. So like everyone else who can’t find something locally, I’ve taken my ongoing hunt to the Internet.

Black Jack gum by Beemans

My first purchase of Black Jack gum online was through eBay, the fall-back for any item you can’t find for sale elsewhere. I purchased a sealed box and was set. But after a while I was in need of more and so off I went again, hoping that by then SOMEONE online would be selling them other than eBay.

That’s when I discovered the Old Time Candy Company. I found them while searching on Google and discovered that while they didn’t have Black Jack in stock all the time, they did have some right then. I was happy…

I’ve posted this now because I just got a newsletter from the in the past few days that announced the arrival of a brand new batch of Black Jack gun in their inventory.

The crazy part about my obsession with Black Jack gum is that I’m neither a regular gum chewer (other than Black Jack) nor am I a fan of licorice. But there is something about chewing Black Jack gum that does it for me. Go figure…

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  1. icky… ew…

  2. I also am a Black Jack fanatic and cannot live without it, rarely chew anything else, probably cannot think or produce without it. I know I would not have got through grad school without it, so now when I see it, I automatically buy it all, hoping it will last me till the next run. I notice other Black Jack fanatics are doing this as well. Rarely does it. Now it’s becoming available again, so I am stocking up. And of course there is the old time candy company. Why don’t they just bring it back?

  3. I to am a lover of Black Jack gum, and have been all my life. Once in a while, I manage to find a store that sells the gum, but not very often. The stores are usually miles and miles from where I live. The problem I have with ordering Black Jack on line is the shipping & handling charge. It is usually more than half the price of the gum. That is enough to keep me from ordering. O well, maybe someday they will stock it in grocery stores.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Black Jack gum!!! Yummy!

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