Conan Premiers Tonight!

That’s right everyone, the first ever full episode of CONAN airs tonight on TBS at 11:00pm Eastern (or at other times in time zones with less awesomeness).

Be there, or be old! :P

For now, here’s the “Show Zero” they slapped together last week while getting ready for the real thing…

Conan Photoshoot for TBS

They’ve just posted an all new exclusive behind the scenes video of Conan at his first TBS photoshoot over on! Warning: This video contains a cute owl. Proceed with caution. For those without the time to get sucked in to all the eye candy at, the video is right here…

The wait is killing me! Haven’t bothered to watch late night TV in MONTHS…

Go Conan and Go Favre!!!

There are two guys I’m really rooting for these days; Conan O’Brien and Brett Favre. Both guys that were squeezed out of their spots because someone else was supposedly “better” than them. Both by organizations who had brainless egotistical morons running the show.

Brett’s short term success will be decided in the coming weeks with his Super Bowl run with the Vikings. Conan’s may take a little longer to sort out but the simple fact is that he’s being forced out of the worst run network on TV and *will* be back on another network in shape to crush NBC even more.

The big difference is that while always being a Packer fan, I *became* a Favre fan. In contrast, I became a Conan fan over the years and have *no* loyalty to NBC or the Tonight Show. I am rooting for Brett this year (and perhaps next?) but will always be a Packer fan, though that will be easier done once the Ted is gone for good. With Conan it’s easy. Wherever he goes, I will watch him. Oh, and I will *never*, let me repeat that… **NEVER** watch the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Take Two. I hope that show rots with the rest of NBC.

The Packers wanted to bribe Brett to “go away” for twenty-some-odd million. NBC wants to bribe Conan to go away and stop making fun of them for forty million. Brett didn’t take it, and I’m guessing Conan won’t take the money and be quiet when he has a good chance of suing them for that same amount while retaining the “right” to make fun of fools.

Conan = Awesome talent obviously not appreciated by those who run NBC
Brett = Awesome talent obviously not appreciated by those who run the Packers

Conan = Someone who makes the show he’s on better just by showing up
Brett = Someone who makes the team he’s on better just by showing up

Conan = Was not supported by the Network who killed his lead-in viewers because they wanted to cut costs ala “Jay”.
Brett = Was not supported by the GM who released all the great Vets because he wanted to cut costs and build his own legacy.

Conan = Is being blamed by the heads of the network for not having better ratings even though they sabotaged his ability to do so.
Brett = Was blamed by the heads of the team for not having more success even though they sabotaged his ability to do so.

Conan = Was offered a bribe to go away. (admission they know they are in the wrong)
Brett = Was offered a bribe to go away. (admission they know they were in the wrong)

Conan = Is being replaced by the boss’ “guy”, Jay.
Brett = Was replaced by the boss’ “guy”, Aaron. (nothing really against Aaron, he’s done great, just saying…)

I could go on…

That’s all, just wanted to get that off my chest.

Watch Conan this week! It’s his last on NBC and I’m sure it’ll be a hoot watching him stick it to them… :)