Art Giveaway by Augiewan!

Art Giveaway Details: So here it is, I’m going to give away a bunch of my recent ink drawings. Why you ask? Because I’m trying something new. I’m starting to stream my early morning and late night art sessions on Twitch and I’d like to start building an audience there.

So Augiewan, how do we go about winning some of your amazing little doodles?

Simple! Just follow me on Twitch (this will open a new tab). Every time I gain another 5 followers, I’m going to do a random drawing from the full pool of followers. I’d also love for you to let others know about this on your social media or wherever, but it’s not a requirement to partake in the giveaway…

There are a couple rules:

  1. I plan to continue doing this until I hit 50 followers for a grand total of 10 winners. After that, I’ll likely continue giving out artwork, but it will probably be a weekly thing.
  2. I can only ship for free to folks in the US. If you win and you’re not in the US, I’m still happy to give you the artwork, but I may need you to chip in towards the shipping costs.
  3. You can only win once during this campaign to gain 50 followers. If you win a drawing and then unfollow me, I’ll be sad and consider you a terrible human being.
  4. The drawings in the image for this post are some but not all that will be included in the giveaway. If you win, you’ll get to choose from list I’ll send you.
  5. You must be 13+ years of age to participate. I’m not allergic to younger ones (I have 4 of my own) but the FTC assumes we’re all bad bad people and I prefer not to go to jail.
  6. I reserve the right to add more rules as time goes on and I think of relevant stuffs.

Drawings include many made up characters, robots, aliens and goofy things. There is also fanart from Invader Zim, My Hero Academia, Dr. Stone, One Piece, Undertale, Hollow Knight, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, Earthworm Jim, Cerebus the Aardvark and more.

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