Two Highlights from the Latest Round of Threadless Designs

I love looking through the latest designs from Threadless and sometimes I’ll post one that really hits me. This particular round had two that I have to post. The first is simply because I love the concept and the art. Cute little play on words and you have “Dandy Lions” by Kristen Howdeshell

Threadless Dandy Lions by Kristen Howdeshell

The other is a design that a comicbook geek like myself just can’t ignore. The old saying goes “crime doesn’t pay”, but as this design reminds us, fighting crime “literally” doesn’t pay. Check out “Fighting Crime Doesn’t Pay” by Stef McFeters

Threadless Fighting Crime Doesn't Pay by Stef McFeters

If you want to see more, just check out the whole selection

Threadless Does it Again with “Do-Re-Mi-Quack!”

“Do-Re-Mi-Quack!” (designed by Jon Barthell) is by far my favorite shirt design to be released by Threadless in a while! Not to say they’ve not been great recently, I just really like this one. I’ll definitely be stopping by to grab this one when I’m in town for the “Taste of Chicago”…

Check to see if they have it in your size, or check out the whole selection

Newest shirts realeased by Threadless

The latest round of artistic shirt designs have been released by Threadless. Ilove so many of their designs, I never know what to buy. Hopefully I’ll make it to their Chicago store this year when I visit.

This image is of my favorite design from this week’s new selection, called “Smile… My Shadow” by Lim Heng Swee. You can check out all the newest designs here. Great shirt designs and great prices! Check them out…