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Vintage Ad Browser
I just love vintage ads. Not just ones from my childhood like the two examples below (Atari and He-Man), but much older ads too. I love seeing what worked in advertising back then. What kind of methods resonated with consumers over the years. You can check out the Vintage Ad Browser I stumbled on a few days a go…

Its really quite shocking how unrestricted companies use to be in the claims they could make about products and how gullible consumer had to have been believing them!

Vintage K-Mart Atari Ad

Vintage He-Man Ad

Check out the site and have some fun!

Huge Discounts at Tenacious Toys

Just got an e-mail from Tenacious Toys. They’re running a 25% off everything sale tonight through tomorrow night which is in addition to any sale they already have running. Check out the details below…

“We are running a one-day blowout starting right now (evening on the 11th) and running thru the end of the day on August 12th:

Use coupon code 25RIDICULOUS to get an ADDITIONAL 25% off your entire order. Many of our products are already on sale, so this is 25% MORE off any order, even if it contains products that are already discounted.

Check out our Sale section to easily find all the products we’ve already put on sale.
Have fun!”

They’ve got lots of great stuff, so check it out…

Galaxy Bunch Supernova Serv-O-Matics Bruttino from Tokidoki White Yeti

Transformers Optimus Prime Meets Mickey Mouse Mash-Up

I just caught a new post over on WeirdoToys featuring a collaboration toy between Disney and Takara. I usually just pop over there once in a while to be amused by the ridiculous toys he finds, but this one grabbed me. It’s an Optimus Prime meets Mickey Mouse mash-up that would look great on any geek’s shelf.

Optimus Prime meets Mickey Mouse Transformers by Disney and Takara

Very cool, in my opinion, but a little outside my price range right now. (poo!) It was apparently released a few months ago, but I hadn’t seen or heard of it. Looking at eBay, I see that they are definitely available for purchase still. I have no idea how limited they are and from the comments left on the WeirdoToys post, there may be a Donald Duck / Bumblebee coming next.

Optimus Prime meets Mickey Mouse Transformer Truck Mode by Disney and Takara

There’s a full color version as well, but I’m personally loving the black & white version. Here’s hoping they are still available once I start working again! You can see a lot more great images over at WeirdoToys as well…

Check out both versions on eBay now…

Legion of Super Heroes Exclusive Action Figures Available May 15th

From what I’ve been able to tell from listening to the “comic geeks” at the local comic shop, you either really like the Legion of Super Heroes, or you couldn’t care less. Crazy super-powered kids from the future saving the galaxy and messing with Superman’s time line. My 13 year old daughter happens to be in the “really likes” category, in fact she’s obsessed with them. She’s been gobbling up every back-issue she can get her mitts on and can talk Legion history with the older guys (the majority of Legion fans would be men in the 40’s and 50’s).

She’s known about the 4 exclusive JLU-style Legion figures (Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Brainiac 5) coming out on for some time now and has been reminding me often that I’ll need to be online on May 15th to order them as soon as they go on sale.

Legion of Super Heroes Action Figures

What cracked me up this morning (May 15th) is that I woke up to a house filled with reminder notes that she has placed about before heading off to school. On my night stand, on the refrigerator, by the coffee pot, on my computer desk… Pretty much anywhere she knew I’d be today.

Legion of Super Heroes Exclusive Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Braniac 5 Figures

So yeah, like a good geek dad I’ll be waiting for the figures to go on sale today so I can order them for her. For those interested, here’s the description given…

“From the far reaches of the 31st century come four brand-new JLU action figures to complete your collection! We welcome the arrival of Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Braniac 5 by offering them as four individually carded figures shipped together in one slip case—the first time you can get ‘em this way at!”

Not sure how fast they’ll go, so if you want them, better go get them!

Mechtorians, Bulletto, Mega GIR, Oh My!

As is obvious by the date of the last post, I’ve been a bit lax with the updates. Shortly before getting laid-off I got some new toys from Tenacious Toys (great folks by the way) and still haven’t gotten around to posting about them or even OPENING them for that matter. I got Bulletto, the latest in the Moofia line as well as the first series of Doktor A’s Mechtorians minis. They look great in their packaging and I know they will look even better on my shelf once I have a new office to place them in.

Mechtorians by Doktor A and MINDstyle

But the thing that got me to at least post something today was my getting an e-mail alert from eBay regarding a search watch I have set up. There is currently a Mega GIR auction on eBay, and unlike most of the ones I tend to see, this one doesn’t have an insane starting bid. (Update: Here’s a link to see if there are any current auctions for a Mega Gir)

Mega GIR by Palisades - Invader Zim

I’ll be honest, under normal circumstances I would not be talking about this auction because I’d be hoping to snag it myself. But since I’m not in a situation to be spending money on toys right now, I figured you all might like the chance to land one. These were produced but never officially released before Palisades Toys went out of business. These were bought up in bulk with all of there other stock (old and new) and have been slowly finding there way to light.

If you land it, send some pictures once you open it!

Classic Comic-Style Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from NECA

As I picked up my weekly stash at my local comic shop this evening, I saw a beautiful thing on one of the toy racks. It was a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, Leonardo and Michelangelo to be exact. “But Augiewan…” you say, “there have been so many TMNT figures to date, why on Earth would that excite you?”. It’s simple. These are the first ones that actually look like the original comics from Eastman/Laird. Those years in the 80’s were the “golden years” of comic/toy culture for me and I haven’t been able to swallow any of the mass-market TMNT stuff that has come out since.

But these figure look perfect! They even have crazy articulation so you can pose them in all your favorite “let’s get ready to rumble” stances. So I’ve scrounged around a few eCom sites for some stock images and picked up a few more from a post on Toysrevil’s site (I can’t believe I missed his post 2 MONTH ago!)

The first wave of four figures of course consists of Leonardo (with katana), Michelangelo (with nunchucks), Raphael (with sai), and Donatello (with bo staff). After chatting about them with the owner of the comic shop, I learned that the second wave would be some of the supporting cast but then he brought up the third wave and I got really excited. It’s to be the four boys again, but this time in classic black & white! I MUST have those…

So anyway, if you’re looking to pick these up the first wave comes individually packed or as a box set. The box set does not come with the diorama bases, so I have no idea why anyone would choose it over the singles unless they’re evil and want to display them unopened. Here are some images followed by some places you can order them…

Leonardo: Amazon.comeBay
Michelangelo: Amazon.comeBay
Raphael: Amazon.comeBay
Donatello: Amazon.comeBay
Box set of 4: Amazon.comeBayEntertainment Earth
Or get all four singles for one price: Entertainment Earth

Combat-R Zero Figures Available Now – Limited to 500 Each

These Combat-R Zero figures are just simply cool. There’s nothing more that really needs said other than they look COOL. Atomic Mushroom Toys has brought us a set of five different color schemes, four of which you can purchase from select retailers for about $55 to $60 US and the fifth which you can only get directly from Atomic Mushroom Toys’ website as part of their Super Set (all five) for $265. If I was independently wealthy, I would have purchased the set before even posting this. I know that may seem steep, but keep in mind that these are almost 10 inches tall and limited to 500 figures per color! Oh yeah, did I mention that “Plutonium” (the exclusive to the set figure) glows in the DARK! How cool is that?!?!?

If you can afford toys this cool, by all means get them! Two online dealers I’ve found that sell them are…
Panic’s Toy Box -and- Fugitive Toys. UPDATE: Both have sold out.

And for your viewing pleasure…