Augiewan sells out! …to fund his daughter’s grad party…

Yes I know, it’s been ages since I posted here and now all I’m doing is promoting my ebay items. I’m sorry…

So anyway, I’m going to be selling a LOT of stuff you folks might be interested in over the next week or so. Just look at the fantastic stuff just posted tonight!

Rolito / Rolitoboy / Rolitoland Collection

Invader Zim House DVD Box Set with exclusive GIR figure and Extras DVD

Invader Zim Voot Cruiser Limited Edition Statue from Palisades Toys

Check back on my selling account all week for more items being listed…

Who’s Da Bomb? Vote and we’ll see!

Delicious Drips and Tenacious Toys have teamed up with toy customizers around the world (established folk to amateurs) to create the “Who’s Da Bomb?” show and contest.

Well, yours truly decided to join in the fun and I submitted the following entitled “Who Needs Enemies?” Please take a moment and go vote! If not for mine, vote for another! No wait… vote for mine! :)

Who Needs Enemies? - by Augiewan

OK, here’s the link to all of them. There ARE some really great ones in there…

Huge Discounts at Tenacious Toys

Just got an e-mail from Tenacious Toys. They’re running a 25% off everything sale tonight through tomorrow night which is in addition to any sale they already have running. Check out the details below…

“We are running a one-day blowout starting right now (evening on the 11th) and running thru the end of the day on August 12th:

Use coupon code 25RIDICULOUS to get an ADDITIONAL 25% off your entire order. Many of our products are already on sale, so this is 25% MORE off any order, even if it contains products that are already discounted.

Check out our Sale section to easily find all the products we’ve already put on sale.
Have fun!”

They’ve got lots of great stuff, so check it out…

Galaxy Bunch Supernova Serv-O-Matics Bruttino from Tokidoki White Yeti

Custom Rolitoboy Figures – He Smile Me, Meet She Smile Me…

I’ve just finished painting a pair of custom Rolitoboy figures this past weekend, and the folks at Delicious Drips have been kind enough to post them! If you like what you see below, please take a moment to head over to their site and vote for He Smile Me and She Smile Me…

Check them out and vote here!

If you are curious, here’s what the original toys look like…

Mechtorians, Bulletto, Mega GIR, Oh My!

As is obvious by the date of the last post, I’ve been a bit lax with the updates. Shortly before getting laid-off I got some new toys from Tenacious Toys (great folks by the way) and still haven’t gotten around to posting about them or even OPENING them for that matter. I got Bulletto, the latest in the Moofia line as well as the first series of Doktor A’s Mechtorians minis. They look great in their packaging and I know they will look even better on my shelf once I have a new office to place them in.

Mechtorians by Doktor A and MINDstyle

But the thing that got me to at least post something today was my getting an e-mail alert from eBay regarding a search watch I have set up. There is currently a Mega GIR auction on eBay, and unlike most of the ones I tend to see, this one doesn’t have an insane starting bid. (Update: Here’s a link to see if there are any current auctions for a Mega Gir)

Mega GIR by Palisades - Invader Zim

I’ll be honest, under normal circumstances I would not be talking about this auction because I’d be hoping to snag it myself. But since I’m not in a situation to be spending money on toys right now, I figured you all might like the chance to land one. These were produced but never officially released before Palisades Toys went out of business. These were bought up in bulk with all of there other stock (old and new) and have been slowly finding there way to light.

If you land it, send some pictures once you open it!

French Kiss Series Added to Rolitoboy Gallery

Rolitoboy French Kiss Series
I was able to finish off my collection of the Rolitoboy French Kiss Series by Toy2R a little while back, but I never got around to getting pictures taken and added to the gallery here on theSpeakEasy.  I love these little guys and I hope they get around to releasing something new from Rolito soon.  It’s been a while, though I’m sure he’s been busy with all his success designing the characters for the Patapon game and it’s coming sequel.

So as I eluded to, the pictures were taken and I’ve now just today added them to the Rolitoland / Rolitoboy gallery along with the Safari series and a few miscellaneous pieces.  Enjoy!

U.B.Funkeys Image Gallery Added


We just added a gallery of U.B.Funkeys from Radica/Mattel. You can also see some custom Funkeys here in Augiewan’s Customs Gallery.

If you are a fan of the U.B.Funkeys figures and/or game, you can find a whole section devoted to Funkeys here. You’ll find a Funkeys discussion forum as well…

Monster Theather Figures from dKiller Panda Toys

The image gallery is now up for the Monster Theater series 1 figures I got a few weeks back, which are now proudly displayed in my office at work. This is a great little series of deformed “old-school” monsters that I fell in love with when I first saw them. They are made by dKiller Panda Toys and distributed by Dark Horse. I found a review and an interview on ToysREvil’s blog from about a year ago talking about the future releases. The illustrations look great, but I’m curious if they’re actually going to happen considering the amount of time that has gone by with no additional series being released. I hope they do, at least for the Faery Tales series that would include figures from Wonderland and Oz!

Click here for the gallery…

Mozzarella and the Moofia Minions are in the House

My Moofia figures showed up earlier this week and I just got them shot and added to the Moofia image gallery. Take a look around and enjoy

I’m definitely liking these and look forward to Bulleto and the three new minions!

Bulleto & More – Upcoming Moofia Releases by tokidoki/STRANGEco

I was already aware of three new minis (Riso, Creamina, and Fragolinabeing) added to the Moofia line soon, but I just caught a post over on Vinyl Pulse that shows the next larger figure to go along with Mozzarella, the Moofia leader.

Bulleto in all his grumpiness stands ready along with his two shotgun shells (one happy, one mad). My Mozzarella and the original 8 minis are on their way to me as I type this, so these additions by tokidoki/STRANGEco will be on my hit list this summer.

Also coming this summer is a Mozzarella plush!