Legion of Super Heroes Exclusive Action Figures Available May 15th

From what I’ve been able to tell from listening to the “comic geeks” at the local comic shop, you either really like the Legion of Super Heroes, or you couldn’t care less. Crazy super-powered kids from the future saving the galaxy and messing with Superman’s time line. My 13 year old daughter happens to be […]

U.B.Funkeys Image Gallery Added

We just added a gallery of U.B.Funkeys from Radica/Mattel. You can also see some custom Funkeys here in Augiewan’s Customs Gallery. If you are a fan of the U.B.Funkeys figures and/or game, you can find a whole section devoted to Funkeys here. You’ll find a Funkeys discussion forum as well…

My Toys Cost How Much???

Looks like toys will be getting more expensive this year just like gas, food, and everything else we use on a daily basis. Not that I hadn’t already noticed some toys getting jacked up at the major retailers recently, but here’s a nice financial article about Mattel (holders of the DC license, makers of U.B.Funkeys, […]