Augiewan sells out! …to fund his daughter’s grad party…

Yes I know, it’s been ages since I posted here and now all I’m doing is promoting my ebay items. I’m sorry…

So anyway, I’m going to be selling a LOT of stuff you folks might be interested in over the next week or so. Just look at the fantastic stuff just posted tonight!

Rolito / Rolitoboy / Rolitoland Collection

Invader Zim House DVD Box Set with exclusive GIR figure and Extras DVD

Invader Zim Voot Cruiser Limited Edition Statue from Palisades Toys

Check back on my selling account all week for more items being listed…

Conan Premiers Tonight!

That’s right everyone, the first ever full episode of CONAN airs tonight on TBS at 11:00pm Eastern (or at other times in time zones with less awesomeness).

Be there, or be old! :P

For now, here’s the “Show Zero” they slapped together last week while getting ready for the real thing…

Moe’s New Agenda Cover

The kids have gone back to school now and Moe has officially started drawing all over everything school related again. The first victim has been her new agenda and here’s her official explanation of what we see below… Invader Zim (twice), Gir (twice), Minimoose, Perry the Platypus (twice), Superman (sign), Phantom Girl, X-Men (sign), The Legion of Super Heroes (sign), Maddness, Nightcrawler, Dream Girl (sign), Gates, Matter Eater Lad (sign), Jumpy Ghostface, Doofenshmirtz, Patrick Star, Wildfire, Lightning Lad (sign), Turtle Cannons, Brainiac 5 and (sign), Lightning Girl (me), Orange Lantern (sign), Aqua Lo (Lauren), Pablo (Lo’s pet turtle), Reeses Wonder (Anna), Kent (Kent), Shiny (our friend), Flowber (Anna’s pet sparrow), Slo Moe (My pet snail), Hal Jordan, Commander Apetrully, The Incredibles (sign), Plankton, Gaz, Death Bee, Coco, Bloo, Cheese (retarded cheese), Triplicate Girl, Saint Walker, Quislet, Saturn Girl (ear), Wolverine (hand)

These characters are mostly from the Legion of Super Heroes, Invader Zim, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Hero:108, Spongebob Squarepants, and some other comics and cartoons.

Gotta love it! Here’s the cover:

Moe's 2010 Agenda Cover

Conan Photoshoot for TBS

They’ve just posted an all new exclusive behind the scenes video of Conan at his first TBS photoshoot over on! Warning: This video contains a cute owl. Proceed with caution. For those without the time to get sucked in to all the eye candy at, the video is right here…

The wait is killing me! Haven’t bothered to watch late night TV in MONTHS…

Countdown to Conan’s Return…

Free Comic Book Day 2010 at

Free Comic Book Day 2010 at

The kids and I took our annual trek to Mishawaka, IN for Free Comic Book Day today. Our “local” comic shop, does an awesome job of hosting the event.

Posing with the Princess

They’ve been doing it regularly since the first year it was introduced, where I got my still prized “I’ve Got Issues” t-shirt (or maybe that was year two?). Regardless, they run a great shop and are very supportive of the local comic creators, holding regular workshops. The owner Casey Heying, is the artist and co-writer of a really cool cross-over comic series (with Ben Avery) between Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz based in a current reality where the girls have both grown up and live together. I won’t even attempt to do the series justice by explaining it. It’s called Oz/Wonderland and you really should check it out of you haven’t.

Anyway, as they have in past years, they were giving out five issues to each person that came in to the store today. They had a huge selection to choose from including this year’s FCBD offerings as well as many left over from previous years. Also up for grabs were pins, bookmarks and other comic related items.

We had a good time and left with new treasures to read. My only gripe about this year wasn’t with our local shop at all. It just seemed like there was less variety (especially from the independent publishers) to choose from in this year’s offering of FCBD exclusive books. Regardless, we enjoyed the day and look forward to next year. Thanks Casey and Kelly!

Searching for the five free comics to keep this year

Go Conan and Go Favre!!!

There are two guys I’m really rooting for these days; Conan O’Brien and Brett Favre. Both guys that were squeezed out of their spots because someone else was supposedly “better” than them. Both by organizations who had brainless egotistical morons running the show.

Brett’s short term success will be decided in the coming weeks with his Super Bowl run with the Vikings. Conan’s may take a little longer to sort out but the simple fact is that he’s being forced out of the worst run network on TV and *will* be back on another network in shape to crush NBC even more.

The big difference is that while always being a Packer fan, I *became* a Favre fan. In contrast, I became a Conan fan over the years and have *no* loyalty to NBC or the Tonight Show. I am rooting for Brett this year (and perhaps next?) but will always be a Packer fan, though that will be easier done once the Ted is gone for good. With Conan it’s easy. Wherever he goes, I will watch him. Oh, and I will *never*, let me repeat that… **NEVER** watch the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Take Two. I hope that show rots with the rest of NBC.

The Packers wanted to bribe Brett to “go away” for twenty-some-odd million. NBC wants to bribe Conan to go away and stop making fun of them for forty million. Brett didn’t take it, and I’m guessing Conan won’t take the money and be quiet when he has a good chance of suing them for that same amount while retaining the “right” to make fun of fools.

Conan = Awesome talent obviously not appreciated by those who run NBC
Brett = Awesome talent obviously not appreciated by those who run the Packers

Conan = Someone who makes the show he’s on better just by showing up
Brett = Someone who makes the team he’s on better just by showing up

Conan = Was not supported by the Network who killed his lead-in viewers because they wanted to cut costs ala “Jay”.
Brett = Was not supported by the GM who released all the great Vets because he wanted to cut costs and build his own legacy.

Conan = Is being blamed by the heads of the network for not having better ratings even though they sabotaged his ability to do so.
Brett = Was blamed by the heads of the team for not having more success even though they sabotaged his ability to do so.

Conan = Was offered a bribe to go away. (admission they know they are in the wrong)
Brett = Was offered a bribe to go away. (admission they know they were in the wrong)

Conan = Is being replaced by the boss’ “guy”, Jay.
Brett = Was replaced by the boss’ “guy”, Aaron. (nothing really against Aaron, he’s done great, just saying…)

I could go on…

That’s all, just wanted to get that off my chest.

Watch Conan this week! It’s his last on NBC and I’m sure it’ll be a hoot watching him stick it to them… :)

Vintage Ad Browser – Only Awesome

Vintage Ad Browser
I just love vintage ads. Not just ones from my childhood like the two examples below (Atari and He-Man), but much older ads too. I love seeing what worked in advertising back then. What kind of methods resonated with consumers over the years. You can check out the Vintage Ad Browser I stumbled on a few days a go…

Its really quite shocking how unrestricted companies use to be in the claims they could make about products and how gullible consumer had to have been believing them!

Vintage K-Mart Atari Ad

Vintage He-Man Ad

Check out the site and have some fun!

Legion of Super Heroes Comic – Biggest Mistakes

My daughter just whipped up a one-page Legion of Super Heroes comic this evening staring (of course) Brainiac 5, or as she and other obsessed fans call him, Brainy. This is a cute one if you know anything about him as a character… Let her know what you think!

Click for the whole comic…
Legion of Super Heroes - Biggest Mistake staring Brainiac 5

Cheering for Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers

The Monday Night Football game last night between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings was one of the best yet hardest to watch games in my 35 years. It was exciting. It was high-scoring. There were some truly awesome drives from both teams. It came down to the final seconds with a chance to tie and go in to overtime. And I had NO idea who I was rooting for.

Well, sort of. I was rooting for exactly who I had become accustomed to rooting for since I was a teenage kid, Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers. I was happy every time someone scored. I was upset every time someone lost the ball or got hurt. It was kind of like watching my two best friends go at it.

That being said, I feel at this point I need to voice my opinion (because everyone else in the entire world seems to have voiced theirs already) about the whole Favre/Packer divorce. I feel that we as the Packer fans were the “kids” who happen to get hurt the most in a divorce. And it was an ugly one. To all those out there that want to lie blame squarely on one side, you’re crazy. It was ugly. It was painful. And both Brett and the Packers management (Ted Thompson primarily) were at fault concerning HOW it all went down.

But you know what? It happened. Kids in a divorce have a right to be upset at the one or both parents, and I can see in some cases where it’s truly a one-sided affair (no pun intended) they could side with one parent and end up despising the other. But when both sides contribute to what ends up being an ugly split and the dust settles, the kids may carry a grudge, but deep down they still love the parents.

I LOVE the Packers. I was a fan as a kid before the Favre era. I was an enthusiastic fan during the Favre era. And I will continue to be a Packer fan as long as the organization exists. But right now, this year, I’m the little kid who is torn over which parent to pull for. In fact I refuse to pull for one over the other. I hope them both success.

To those Packer fans out there who feel the need to hate Favre over all of this, all I can assume is that the divorce is still too fresh and you’re not thinking clearly. He brought the Packers back from being a multi-decade joke in the league. They were that team that everyone else looked forward to playing so they could rest their banged-up players. He did everything we hoped for and more. I’ve read stories about how Packer “fans” have had parties during which they either burn or destroy in other ways, their Favre memorabilia. THAT is the most ridiculous, short-sighted, knee-jerk reaction I’ve ever heard of. Sad. Those folks will regret that kind of behavior down the road (or when they sober up).

Did any of the Favre haters out there watch after the game when Favre and Driver hugged? That was the highlight of the game for me right there, a sign that under all the angst of what went down, they are still human beings with feelings. There are a lot of Packers who still love Brett and that isn’t going to change.

On a side note, did anyone else feel like the announcers were being paid to over-hype Favre during the game? I love the guy, but come on! I thought Gruden was going to run out and start kissing him on the field…

Oh, and one final side note. Just to be clear, the moment Favre retires for good, I will despise the Vikings with all the passion I did prior to Brett signing on to their roster… :)