New Software New Look New Start

I’m getting things ready to “re-launch” theSpeakEasy domain so tonight I move to WordPress. I’ve run my personal blog on WordPress, but the last few projects I’ve done were with Blogger, which is nice in some ways and horrible in others. is a domain I purchased back in 1997 with the intention of showcasing a comic I planned to create. At the time, the comic itself was to be called “theSpeakEasy” with the primary character being Norman Chase. The story and characters have gone through a lot of changes over the years and the comic will have a different name when it finally comes to life.

But that leaves this site. I love this domain and I’ve done a few things with it over the years, but nothing all that big. So now in the spring of 2008 (11 years after purchasing it) I plan to start building it out as a place to post about the things that interest me. Chances are, some of it will interest you too.

So relax, and enjoy the ride…

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