Ninja’s Have Invaded my Gmail

So last week I was reading some e-mails and noticed a message in my Gmail interface about new themes they have to offer. I glanced through the list and immediately locked in on the one containing the word “ninja”! Yeah I’m a sucker for ninjas…

But anyway, I’ve really been enjoying the theme and haven’t even looked though the others. Here are the images used in the main page header and footer…
gmail ninjas image 1

gmail ninjas image 4

And here are some various images I’ve noticed so far in the footer when reading an e-mail. They keep rotating every day or so, so I’m assuming there will be more as time goes on…
gmail ninjas image 2

gmail ninjas image 3

gmail ninjas image 7

gmail ninjas image 8

gmail ninjas image 9

Also here are couple other miscellaneous images used in the interface…
gmail ninjas image 5 gmail ninjas image 6

You just have to love this theme, I mean how could you not?

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